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Luxury hotels in Iran :

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1.Kish Island: Toranj Marine Hotel

This hotel is known as the most expensive hotel in Iran, which mostly originates from its special location, i.e. off the Persian Gulf coast; you will never forget the unique and astonishing view of the seafloor from the hotel’s glass floors as well as the sun-set and horizon from your room’s balcony. Double rooms cost you 425 euro per night.

Kish Island: Sorinet Maryam Hotel

Mostly known for its number-one breakfast buffet in the country as well as its special location, this hotel focuses on providing guests with high-quality services, relying on their online reviews. Here, double rooms cost you 222 euro per night.

3.Isfahan: Abbasi Hotel

Carrying the title of the most beautiful hotel in the Middle East, Abbasi Hotel is the perfect and also popular choice for tourists visiting the historically rich city of Esfahan. With the hotel located in the city’s old and ancient fabric, guests will enjoy the sights, places, handicrafts and kind people of this city. A double room costs 125 euro per night

4.Mashhad: Darvishi Royal Hotel

With its unique structure and design, Darvishi Royal hotel has 20 floors, each influenced by Indian, Roman, Arabic and Egyptian culture and architecture; there also floors that take you back to the pre and post Islamic Iranian era, you would not want to miss. Each double room will cost you 122 euro per night.


5.Shiraz: Zandiyeh Hotel

With Shiraz as one of the major destinations of tourists, this 5-star hotel is the perfect choice for tourists; it is located in a historical part of the city near the Arg-e Karimkhan, built in the 18th century; the hotel also provides a mixture of traditional Iranian architecture and the modern art along with restaurants offering the best traditional local dishes; each double room will cost you 117 euro per night.

6.Tabriz: Kaya Laleh Park Hotel

Newly built by the Turkey-based Kaya Hotels and Resorts is one of the best neighborhoods of Tabriz, this hotel is well-reputed for its high-quality services in this area; it also has its own shopping center and a double room will cost you 154 euro per night.
Now, it is time to focus on the best hotels you will find in Tehran.

7.Tehran: Taj Mahal Hotel

With its unique look thanks to the Iranian and Indian design and architecture, the Taj Mahal is a hotel apartment with 2 restaurants; one is named Mahi Mahi, which offers fish-based dishes, with the fish taken mostly from the north of Iran and the other is called the Indian Restaurant offering delicious and spicy local Indian food. A two-bedroom apartment costs you about 220 euro per night.

8.Tehran: Parsian Azadi Hotel

Known as one of the oldest luxury hotels in Iran with high-quality services, Parsian Azadi is also home to Bice Italian restaurant, which is said to be one of its kind in the country. A double room costs you 212 euro per night.

9.Tehran: Espinas Palace Hotel

This modern and newly built 5-star hotel is located in the north-west of Tehran, close to Sa’adatabad neighborhood. You will have a beautiful view of Alborz mountains from your room. A double room will cost you 205 euro per night.

10.Tehran: Espinas Hotel

Finally, if you desire to stay near the center of Iran’s capital, Espinas Hotel, built in 2010, seems to be the perfect choice for you; it will give you a good sense of Tehran’s historical texture. Each double room will cost 200 euro per night.