Iran Medical Visa

Every year, many people around the world travel to other countries for their medical services. These people must obtain a medical visa to enter the destination country and use the treatment services. Citizens of other countries who come to Iran for medical services must also apply for the Iran medical visa.

Iran, like other countries in the world, has special laws for the admission of international patients, which the applicant is required to comply with and have the necessary factors. One of these factors is receiving an invitation from a reputable hospital or doctor in Iran.

In these cases, only a valid center that has an IPD license is recognized. In the continuation of this article, we will introduce the IPD license and provide you with information about obtaining an Iranian medical visa. Stay with us.

  • Treatment visa for Iran
  • What is an IPD license?
  • Obtaining an Iranian medical visa

Treatment visa for Iran

Traveling does not always mean exploring and having fun. Sometimes people travel to another country for educational or professional opportunities, intend to trade or invest, and sometimes go to another country for marriage and permanent residence. Whatever your motivation or purpose for traveling, you must first obtain a visa to enter the destination country and perform the specified activities.

One of the most important reasons for people to travel is to use the medical services of the destination country. Some countries have well-equipped and advanced medical systems and very good doctors.

Iran is very rich in many ways and has many natural resources, well-equipped hospitals and skilled doctors, so it is a medical destination for many foreign tourists.

Citizens of foreign countries traveling to Iran to use health services must obtain an Iranian medical visa. Iran Medical Visa is a short-term visa that allows the patient to stay in the country for 90 days for medical treatment and use of medical services. This visa includes things like check-ups, medical services, health, beauty services and even the use of natural resources such as hot water.

What is an IPD license?

IPD stands for International Patient Department. This license is required for hospitals and clinics that intend to accept international patients. In fact, it can be said that only hospitals can operate in the field of medical tourism that receive IPD licenses. They can then set up an IPD unit in the hospital. The activities of this unit include the following:

  • The IPD unit of the hospital estimates the approximate cost of treatment according to the disease and informs the patient before the trip.
  • This unit performs all the tasks related to the patient’s admission to the hospital and the stages of his treatment, and coordinates the operating room, the doctor, the inpatient room, financial matters, etc. for the patient.
  • Coordination of out-of-hospital work, including reception at the airport, hotel reservation, translator and all tourism and welfare activities during the patient’s stay in Iran, is the responsibility of the IPD unit.

IPD unit members

The IPD unit of hospitals and medical centers has a number of members, each of whom is responsible and provides the necessary services to the outpatient. The members of the IPD unit are:

IPD Committee: The committee is responsible for formulating executive policies and defining the hospital’s goals in providing services to international patients.

IPD Expert: Certainly, the foreign patient is not familiar with the process of work and treatment in Iran. He entered the country with an Iranian medical visa and wants to receive the best medical services. In these cases, all medical services from the patient’s admission to his discharge from the hospital are entrusted to a knowledgeable person who has the title of IPD expert. The IPD specialist makes the necessary arrangements for the patient’s hospitalization, coordination with the physician, estimation of treatment costs, and other matters related to this ward. In fact, all the activities that should be done in the field of health services are coordinated by an expert.

IPD doctor: An IPD physician is the person who oversees all patient-related work. Initial visit of the patient, providing initial instructions, coordination with the receiving physician, coordination with the head nurse and nurses to do the work, daily visit of the patient, preparation of the case summary, coordination with the computer manager to prepare the electronic file, follow-up of emergency events, etc. IPD.

Accepting physician: The receiving physician is responsible for treating the patient.

Care team: The care team is a group that accompanies the patient during the hospital stay and accompanies him / her in the treatment process. The translator who conducts conversations between the patient and the treatment staff and the people responsible for the patient’s communication with the IPD are part of this team.

Facilitator Company: In addition to the above, there is a company called Medical Tourism Services Facilitator. The company sets up a contract between the patient and the hospital and actually introduces the patient to the hospital. All tourism and welfare services related to the patient and his companions are provided by this company.

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Obtaining an Iranian medical visa

Foreign nationals who intend to pursue their medical treatment in Iran must go through steps and prepare documents in order to obtain an Iranian medical visa. Required documents include the following:

  • In addition to identification documents such as identity card, national card, passport, etc., the patient must submit his complete medical records to the Iranian embassy to be examined. The type of disease must be fully specified in these documents.
  • The applicant must contact one of the IPD-licensed medical centers and receive a valid invitation from the hospital or physician and submit it to the Iranian Embassy.
  • The applicant must be able to prove his / her financial ability to pay for hospital treatment in the destination country.

The visa applicant must prepare the required documents and submit them to the embassy. After checking the documents, the embassy will issue an Iranian medical visa to the patient if there is no problem. The issuance of different types of visas is usually done by scheduling an appointment at the embassy, ​​conducting an interview, etc., and takes some time, but in the case of medical visas, the process is slightly different. Due to the special situation of the patient and the importance of preserving his life and health, the issuance of an Iranian medical visa is done in the shortest possible time and usually takes between 7 to 10 working days. If the patient is in serious condition and needs an immediate visa, the visa will be ready within 24 to 48 hours. In addition, the validity of this visa is doubled and it costs half of the tourist visa.

The validity period of an Iranian medical visa is 30 days, but if the treating physician determines that the patient should be hospitalized longer, this period can be extended to 90 days. In this case, the patient can apply for the extension of the Iranian treatment visa by presenting the opinion of the treating physician, the progress of treatment, providing the paid expenses and the necessary documents for the ability to pay the next expenses.

In this article, we have introduced the IPD license and explained the process of obtaining an Iranian medical visa.

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