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Arianmedtour as a global healthcare service provider is ready to cooperate with medical facilitators or enthusiastic professionals who are interested to join our community.


Rare treatments become common

There are basically two types of rare medical operations. Type one are well known operations but very hard to perform, such as brain or spine surgeries. it requires professional physicians with many years of experience in that field, otherwise the risk of performing such surgeries will be very high.

Second types of rare operations are the ones that need to be done by an advanced method or using a specific medical equipment. Since, there are different treatment options for one disease, some of them can be performed through the best way but only certain individuals who are pioneer in that method are able to do that.


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Who are Distinguished Doctors?

They are nominated physicians who have remarkable expertise in their specialty, either they are professional in performing a treatment method with high rate of success or skillful in a unique and rare medical operation. 


Call For a Prominent Doctor

Take your time and go through the best international physician’s profile. Online consultations is available to know the exact medical treatment regarding your concern. Easily book a surgical operation or medical consultation with them in your closest hospital.

The most reputable and famous specialists will come to your country in a certain time and hospital to treat registered patients during their presence.

Mobile Hospital

The concept of Mobile Hospital

Having easy access to the best doctors in different specialties is the main Idea.

But How?

By Creating a unique and integrated healthcare platform, there is no need to take long distance travels in order to access high quality medical treatment.

The key point is to create a functional network between the best distinguished doctors, premium hospitals, logistics and healthcare facilitators to make it possible.


Rest assure

Taking travel to another country is always a fun experience, but only when there is no concern regarding someone’s healthcare situation. Medical tourism is good but having your preferred doctor by your side, in your own country is absolutely better.


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