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Name: Dr.Babaei


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Educational Qualifications:

Degree University Name , Country (Start Date – End Date)
Doctorate of Dental Surgery Tehran medical university of medical sciences, Iran 1985-1991


Job Posting Institution Name (Start Date – End Date)
Military service Ministry of Defense Dental Clinic 1991-1993
Internship Arak Prison Health under the auspices of Arak Health Center 1993-1995


(Start Date – End Date) Job Title Institution Name , Country)
1999 – 2002 General Dentist Farhangian Dental Clinic, Arak, Iran
2010 – 2014 General Dentist (in charge of operating all kinds of dental surgeries) Baharan Dental clinic, Arak, Iran
1995 – now General Dentist (Oral surgeries & Implantology) Private dental office, Iran


License title, Authority Name Inclusive Years
Permanent Dental license, Ministry of Health, Iran 28/11/1995 – now
License to stablish dental office, IR Medical council 1995 – now

Training Courses:

Date attended Country Course Name
2003 Paris, France Oral Surgery, Paris 1 University
06/10/2004 Tehran, Iran Implantology (1st level), Duravit System, Italian Implantology
7-8 OCT 2004 Iran Attachment for Traditional Prosthesis & Implant, Rhein83
13 – 15 OCT 2004 Tehran, Iran 1st Congress of Implantology, Dentsply Friadent
22 OCT 2004 Tehran, Iran Dental Pre-Congress Covering Ankylos Implant System, Dentsply
Beauty & Speed, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
23 – 24 OCT 2004 Tehran, Iran Dental Symposium 2004 in Oral Implantology, Dentsply Beauty &
Speed, Iran international conference center
2005 Germany Tissue and bone reconstruction, Dental school of Bonn University
7-8 JUL 2005 Tehran, Iran Basic Implantology & Clinical Demonstrations, ITI Straumann
21 JUL 2005 Tehran, Iran Clinical Surgery, ITI Straumann Certification
22 JUL 2005 Tehran, Iran Clinical Prosthetic, ITI Straumann Certification
23 FEB 2006 Tehran, Iran Basic Course For Replace Select Implant System Surgical and
Prosthetic aspects
22 JUL 2006 Tehran, Iran 4th International Symposium of SIC Implant System
30 MAY – 01 JUN 2007 Tehran, Iran 2nd Advanced Iranian Osteology Symposium (GBR) of Shahid
Beheshti Dental School in collaboration with The Geneve University
27 – 29 JUN 2007 Gothenburg,Sweden Clinical Solutions with NobelReplace Tapered at Nobel Biocare
Training Center
09 NOV 2007 Zurich,Switzerland Thommen Medical Satellite Symposium
20-22 FEB 2008 Tehran, Iran 4th International Congress of Iranian Society of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
23 – 25 MAY 2008 Dubai, UAE Cosmetic Dentistry, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)
Iran Affiliate
7-8 JUL 2008 Tehran, Iran Advanced Continuing Education Course in Dental Implantology & GBR,
GTR & Sinus grafting, Shahid Beheshti Dental School in Collaboration
with Department of Oral Surgery, School of Dental Medicine,
University of Geneva Switzerland
18-20 SEP 2008 Warsaw, Poland 17th Annual Meeting of the European Association for
Osseointegration (EAO)
4-6 DEC 2008 Annual Priodontic
Exhibition &
Congress, Kish
Island, Iran
Bone management & Bone grafting, Meisinger Workshop
06-07 NOV 2009 Dubai, UAE Dental-Facial Cosmetic International Conference
05-06 NOV 2010 Dubai, UAE 2nd Dental-Facial Cosmetic International Conference
25 – 27 MAY 2011 Tehran, Iran 4th Advanced Iranian Osteology Symposium (GBR) of Shahid Beheshti
Dental School
29 FEB – 02 MARCH 2012 Tehran, Iran International Persian Gulf Implant Congress
27 MAY – 09 AUG 2013 Tehran, Iran Orthodontics, Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research
Feb 2014 Germany 5-day Implant prosthesis and surgery course, University of Hamburg
06 – 08 AUG 2014 Tehran, Iran 3rd Persia & Middle East ICOI/IAO Implant Congress
2-3 DEC 2014 Tehran, Iran 2nd Iran-USA symposium of Aesthetic Dentistry
NOV 2016 Tehran, Iran New ceramic systems in cosmetic dentistry, Dental school of Tehran


Year. Tile of the award. Issuing authority or institution
2007. Member of International Team of Implantology (ITI)
2008. Member of Iranian Maxilofacial Surgeons Association
2014. Member of Iranian Academy of Implantology (ICOI)
2014. Selected dentist of Arak city, Medical Council of Iran


Name of the skill
Oral surgeries
Periodontal surgery
Minor surgeries
Implant prostheses and surgery
Cosmetic dentistry (composite veneer, Emax and zirconia laminates, ceramic and PFM crwons, gum contouring surgery, smile design)
Bone reconstruction
Soft tissue management
Cramps treatment


(Name) (Institution Name, Designation) (Contact details)
Ms. Mehrnaz Najmi Numerous endo-restorative treatments, implant treatment and cosmetic dental treatments by full
ceramic crowns
Mr. Farhad Mobaraki, complete oral reconstruction treatment with fixed implants and prostheses