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Name: Dr. Kamal


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Educational Qualifications:

Degree University Name , Country (Start Date – End Date)
Primary medical degree Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran 1999 – 2006
Special Degree in Gynecology &
Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran 2010 – 2015


(Start Date – End Date) Job Title Institution Name , Country)
2006-2008 Emergency ward physician Seyedo–Shohada hospital, Iran
2008-2010 General practitioner Shahid Beheshti airport, Iran
2010-2015 Gynecologist & Obstetrician Alzahra & Shahid Beheshti hospitals, Iran
2015-2017 Gynecologist & Obstetrician Emam Khomeini hospital, Iran
2017 – now Gynecologist & Obstetrician Private clinic, Iran
2018 – now Gynecologist & Obstetrician Gharazi & Milad hospitals, Iran


License title, Authority Name Inclusive Years
License to practice medicine, IR Medical council 25/07/2015 – now
Permanent medical license, Ministry of Health, Iran 22/05/2008 – now

Training Courses:

Date attended Country Course Name
2014 Iran 20th congress of Iranian fertility association, Al-zahra educational hospital, Isfahan
university of medical sciences
2017 Iran Management of High risk pregnancy, Iran university of medical sciences
2020 Iran Female Cosmetic Genital Surgical & Non-Surgical Procedures including: labiaplasty
(minora & majora), dermal filler for vaginal rejuvenation, Botox injection to treat


Authors, title. Journal. Date; volume: page
Chemical & clinical pregnancy rate, live birth rate & obstetric outcome in fresh embryo transfer versus frozen embryo
transfer in invitro fertilization cycles. published by: paripex-Indian journal of research 15 February 2016


Name of the skill
Cancer screening
Cesarean & Vaginal Delivery
Pap smear
Diagnostic gynecological & obstetric sonography
Infertility treatment IUI , IVF
Cosmetic surgery by fractional CO2 laser
Medical laser treatment
Diagnosis & management of gynecological diseases and surgeries