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Name: Dr. Mazaheri

Complete explanations:

Gender: Female
Description of Doctor
Educational Qualifications:

Degree University Name , Country (Start Date – End Date)
Primary Medical Degree Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services Faculty of Medicine, Iran 20/01/1997 – 07/07/2004


Job Posting Institution Name (Start Date – End Date)
Health base manager Tiran and Karvan health center, Iran 30/10/2004-23/10/2006


(Start Date – End Date) Job Title Institution Name , Country)
30/12/2006-22/06/2018 Physician and clinic manager Private clinic, Iran
21/06/2016-20/01/2019 Physician Sepahan occupational medicine center, Iran
10/01/2019-now Physician and clinic manager Industrial clinic – Sepahan oil company


License title, Authority Name Inclusive Years
Permanent Medical License 09/1/2007-now
License to open a private clinic 30/12/2006-22/06/2019
Licensed as a technical manager of genetic counseling center 21/05/2015-21/05/2018
License for medical examinations of driving license applicants 23/09/2009-23/09/2018

Training Courses:

Date attended Country Course Name
24/02/2010-19/06/2010 Iran Medical genetic counseling
16/10/2012 Iran Family Physicians Orientation Course
18/10/2008-19/10/2008 Iran Criteria for achieving physical and mental health of driving license applicants
22/11/2014-26/11/2014 Iran Occupational Medicine
10/12/2016-14/12/2016 Iran Occupational Medicine
27/10/2018-28/10/2018 Iran Occupational Medicine
3/11/2018-4/11/2018 Iran Occupational Medicine
17/11/2018 Iran Occupational Medicine


Name of the skill
Medical examinations of driving license applicants
Occupational Medicine
Good knowledge of Genetics
Excellent communication skills – to relate well to patients and their families
Effective decision-making and problem solving
Great knowledge of medicine
Working effectively under pressure for long hours


(Name) (Institution Name, Designation) (Contact details)
(Doctor Amir Hossein naseri)(sepahan Occupational Medicine Center ,
Manager)(email:occupationalmedicine@yahoo.com , phone:+989133174952)
(eng. Mohsen nasr)(sepahan oil company , HSE Manager)(phone : +989133155506)